Using Cake

Announcing Cake dark mode

When the Cake banking app launches in December, it will have a dark-mode from day one!

Nov 13, 2019

Cake usually comes in different tastes and colours, and so will our Cake when it launches this December.
Yes, Cake will have a dark theme! And that’s not only to convince Pink Floyd or Star Wars fans to download the app.

So what’s a dark theme?

A dark theme is a low-light user interface that displays mostly dark surfaces. It’s designed to be a supplemental mode to the default (or light) theme.
Dark themes reduce the luminance emitted by device screens, while still meeting minimum colour contrast ratios. They help improve visual ergonomics by reducing eye strain, adjusting the brightness to current lighting conditions, and facilitating screen use in dark environments. And if your device has an OLED or AMOLED screen then dark themes can save you power.
As far as your vision goes, how much your experience will improve with a dark theme depends heavily on your eyes and the ambient light situation where your screen is. Take a cue from dark-themed apps like Netflix, which are mostly used in low light (night time) and have interfaces designed accordingly.

So you run and you run to catch up with the sun but it’s sinking! Our advice: go for the Cake dark theme when it’s dark, light theme when it’s light, or just experiment and see what feels right.
We just want to offer a Cake for everybody, at any time of the day. And that day, is coming soon! 😊
And yes, we are also a hype-sensitive bunch of nerdy designers who just want to release the first universal banking app in the world with a dark theme. 🧛

May the force be with you! (Especially if you join our waiting list below 😁)