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Advisory Board welcomes new member

We are happy to announce another new key member that joined our Advisory Board. Christophe Degrez will provide us with unbiased advice on our business challenges.

A few months ago, we started announcing the first members of our Advisory Board. Today, we are happy to announce another new key member. The latest member that joined our Advisory Board is Christophe Degrez.

Christophe just finished an amazing journey at Eneco Belgium, from starting the company in 2010, to growing the company to the third sustainable supplier and Belgian leading wind 💨 and solar 🌞 producer. To get there Eneco acquired Eni Belgium, the company previously known as Nuon Belgium that Christophe started in 2002. Being a founder of several tech and retail start-ups and being a board member in other organisations gives him a large knowledge and experience that is very valuable to Cake. His motto “Goesting werkt aanstekelijk!” makes him an excellent advisor for Cake. 🙌

What I really love about Cake is their challenger attitude. They are the most inspiring example of building a valuable product with “customer centricity” being the core of everything they do. Their way of working is unique: they use unprecedented transparency towards their users and the whole market.

Christophe Degrez

Christophe joins early members Harry Demey, Michel Vermaercke and Geert Van Hove.

Over the past few quarters our advisory board has already been incredibly helpful. They’ve assisted us with fundraising, introduced us to potential partners, provided us with unbiased advice on key business and legal challenges, and acted as a strong sounding board.

We are so grateful 🙏 for their support and their belief in what we are doing!